Board Recruitment

Volunteer and Board RecruitmentIntersections Wood Collaborative continues to grow and improve to better serve our mission and mandate. At this time, we are actively seeking a new Treasurer. Our current Treasurer is remaining involved with IWC and will be available to mentor and support you but would like to focus on other IWC activities. We would like to fill this board position by May 2024. If you have ideas or suggestions, please reach out by email info@intersectionsos.orgThe Board has recently formed 4 Board Committees to assist in planning and coordinating our work at Intersections. The four working committees are:- Tools & Workshop Committee- Program Planning- Communication & Marketing- Finance, Fundraising & Grants As you know the strength of Intersections Wood Collaborative is all of you who support and participate in our work. The Board is opening participation on these working committees to anyone interested in helping. Do you have some time you would like to contribute? This involves one committee meeting a month and the occasional email asking for ideas and comments. Interested? Please contact us at or phone our Board Chair Mike Simpson at 519 373 6351.
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