About Us

Intersections Wood Collaborative is a fledgling not-for-profit corporation. We formally incorporated on 1 March 2022 after months of planning. We have a five-member volunteer Board  dedicated to creating a welcoming network for woodworkers. World-recognized woodworker, artist, designer, writer, and environmentalist, Stephen Hogbin founded Intersections Wood Studio and Gallery; a place where he shared his knowledge of woodworking and design, as well as his infectious optimism for a better future through the arts, with all who passed through the doors. Intersections became a gathering place for those in the community who shared Stephen’s enthusiasm for creative woodworking and design, as well as his unwavering respect and care for trees and the environment at large. Before his death in early 2022 he supported a group of like-minded wood enthusiasts to carry on the principles and values behind his business in the form of the not-for-profit collaborative it has become.

The Workshop

Our workshop includes Stephen Hogbin’s complete workshop and all his tools and equipment. We were thankful to receive this donation from Stephen in support of Intersections Wood Collaborative. In addition, we have been thankful to receive donations from other people and have purchased some new equipment to support classes and workshops as well. Safety is our top priority. Machines are well maintained and initial safety instruction is a must.

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Board Members

We are an active well functioning Board that meets about twice a month. We invite contact from all those who are interested in becoming Board members. We are currently actively recruiting from the financial sector as well people with experience with volunteers including recruitment and coordination. You need to have passion for community and wood but you do not have to be a woodworker/turner to join our board!

Current Board Members

Mike Simpson (Chair)

Kim Wamsley

Norm Ragetlie

Rebecca Raynsford

Clark MacFarlane

Paula Willis